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Early Communication Course

What Is It?

  • The Early Communication Course is an educational program made up of three, 1 hour courses
  • Help parents and caregivers learn the basics of how to stimulate language at the home
  • Courses will be instructed within the home
  • The program can be tailored to the needs of your particular child’s situation

Who Is It For?

The Early Communication Course is designed for children between 10-24 months of age who parents think may be behind in their speech skills for their age group, but are not delayed. If you have concerns that your child is not meeting the recommended milestones or communicating effectively for their age, this course may be for you. Call for a consultation to help decide!

What Is The Goal?

The goal of the Early Communication Course is to give parents and caregivers some basic tips and strategies to use at home to encourage speech development in their child. This proactive approach will help your child grow in familiarity and development of early language skills and speech sounds.

The Early Communication Course does not replace actual speech therapy and no specific outcomes are guaranteed. The program includes a complimentary child screening to decide if further evaluation is needed or if there are any signs of a diagnosable disorder.

The cost of the Early Communication Course is a one-time payment of $500. If you are interested in setting up your in-home Early Communication Course fill out the contact form below.