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Available Services

Palmetto Kids Speech therapy offers a long list of available services in speech and language. All programs begin with research-based assessments to determine exactly what type of program is right for your child. These programs are developed individually and include a combination of therapeutic techniques with age-appropriate play. The current service area includes Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, Chapin, West Columbia, and Cayce.

Some of the issues we provide treatment for:

Articulation Disorders – problems making and forming sounds properly

Auditory Processing Disorders – difficulty in differentiating sounds

Apraxia of Speech or Developmental Apraxia – difficulty making correct movements when speaking

Augmentative Alternative Communication – communication methods that help to supplement speech or writing impairments

Autism/Autism Spectrum – autism specific language and communication challenges

Language Delays – not hitting developmental language milestones

Expressive Language Delays – difficulty in communicating through speech or expressive language

Receptive Language Delays – difficulty in understanding speech or language

Pragmatics – the use of appropriate communication in social situations

Oral-Motor Therapy – addressing concerns in the movement of the jaw, tongue, lips, teeth and cheeks

Pervasive Developmental Disorder – delays in communication and socialization skills

Phonemic Awareness/Literacy Skills – the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds

Selective Mutism- an often anxiety related disorder where the ability to communicate stops in certain social situations